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Import from Amazon
You can adjust your parameters in Settings to save your preferred settings. It will apply the same settings for multiple products.
Amazon import settings
From product list below, paste the URL link of Amazon product you want to import then click Import
Paste Amazon link

You will be notified after the import process finished. Meanwhile, you can switch to other windows without interrupting the process.

Process notification

The more reviews you import, the longer the import process will take. After every import, we will send your an email the result of your import and you will see them in Reviews dashboard.


  • The standard limit for importing reviews is 40 per import. To import up to 100 reviews per import (the highest number that Amazon allows), you have to switch to the Premium/VIP Plan.
  • According to Amazon, Ratings include all reviews, even those without content. However, when importing reviews from Amazon, we exclude those without content. As a result, the total number of reviews imported into our app may be less than the number of ratings on Amazon.
  • If you want to see total number of Amazon reviews, check out the new feature called “Show summary reviews from Amazon” here.
  • Rating filtering is unavailable during import because of Shopify's policies.

Import reviews in bulk

Sometimes, importing reviews for multiple products can be a lengthy task. We’ve recently launched a time-saving feature that allows you to bulk import reviews for multiple products. Check it out here!

Auto-import reviews from sources

If you struggle with obtaining the latest reviews, consider our new feature: “Auto-Import Reviews from Sources.” It ensures your product reviews stay up-to-date, granting you peace of mind. Learn more here!

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