Import from files

Import from Spreadsheet

In Appio admin, go to Import Reviews > From files > Spreadsheet
Download the CSV file template
Add your reviews to the file

Here's what each column in the CSV file means:

product_handle required

Go to a live product page on your store Product handle is the last part of product URL Example:

The handle of this product is "t-shirt"

rating required
title optional
author optional name of the reviewer
email optional email of reviewer
location optional
body required The body of a review. This can be up to 1500 characters long!
image_urls optional
created_at optional

Date of review (mm/dd/yyyy)

If the created_at is blank, present date will be used

reply optional Response to the review
replied_at optional
  • The date to reply the review (mm/dd/yyyy)
Save file as CSV format
  • When you've added all the reviews, save the file as CSV (Comma delimited)

Upload CSV file

An import report will be sent to shop owner's email with the link to download the report.


Alternatively, you can go to Import Reviews - From files and Import history will be available on the right panel and ready for you to download.

Import history

Import reviews from other apps

You can easily import your reviews from any of these review solution apps:
    • Shopify Product Reviews
    • Loox
    • Yotpo
To do so, please follow these steps:
Export reviews from your previous app
In Appio admin, go to Import reviews - From files - Choose the app you were using - Upload your CSV file and click Import reviews
Import from supported apps

An import report will be sent to shop owner's email with the link to download the report.

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