Manage Request

If you want to collect reviews from your customers, you might send them email requests manually or automatically. But how can you track the status of those email requests? That's where Manage Request comes in. Manage Request lets you see whether your email requests are Failed, Pending, Sent, Delivered, Opened, Reviewed or Cancelled...

Followings are the statuses of each event:

  • Processing: The email request is prepared for sending.
  • Failed: The email request has failed to send due to invalid recipient email address or retry failed after schedule date.
  • Pending: The email request has been scheduled but not been sent yet.
  • Sent: The email request has been sent but not delivered.
  • Delivered: The email request has been delivered to the customer's inbox.
  • Opened: The customer has opened the email request.
  • Reviewed: The customer has left a review for your product or service
  • Cancelled: The email request in pending status has been cancelled
Request status
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