Email to customers

You can make your review requests more personal and professional by customizing the Sender Name and Email that your customers receive. You can also add your own logo to the email, which is a great way to boost your brand recognition.
By default, the review requests are sent from Appio Reviews ( But if you upgrade to our Premium Plan, you can use your own email and name as the sender. This feature will help you increase your open and response rates, and build trust with your customers.

To do so, please follow below steps to make it work:

Change Sender Name and Email address as you desire then click "Save"
Verify Single Sender
Check your email
Click "Verify Single Sender" button in the email then copy the URL in the opened browser address bar and paste it in the verification box
Click "Verify"

If successful, your verified email will display similar as below:

Verified email
Upload your own logo then click "Save"


If you want to receive email notifications to a different email address, you can easily change the default email settings.
Notification settings

Google reviews snippet

A rich snippet is a type of search result that shows additional information about a web page, such as stars and review aggregate rating. It helps users to quickly find relevant and useful information on Google Search results.
Please follow this link to enable it.
Google Reviews Snippet
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