Google review snippet

Rich review snippet looks like

Imagine that your product review ratings summary will be displayed in rich snippet on Google Search results like in the picture below, isn't that cool?
Review aggregate ratings showing on Google Search results

Additionally, rich snippet not only immediately impress and grab your customer's attention but also greatly improve your SEO and web ranking.


To enable this so-cool feature, upgrade to Premium Plan is required. You can find this feature under Settings / Integration / Google Review snippet section.

Google Rich Results test

Once you have upgraded to Premium Plan and enable the rich snippet. You can use Rich Results test tool provided by Google from the link below:

You also need to follow below steps to check the result:

Paste your product URL into provided tool
Google Rich Results test tool
Click "Test URL"
Under "Detected structured data" click "Review snippets"

Under "Detected items" check if there is an AggregateRating data similar to below picture


Generally, it can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks for a Rich Snippet to appear on Google. In some special cases, we have seen it appear within a few days.

There is no guarantee that your page will appear in Search results with the specified feature. This is because search features depend on many factors, including the search device type, location, and whether Google Search thinks the feature would provide the best search experience for the user.

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