Review translation

The Automatic Review Translation feature is currently in beta testing. This feature is included in our Premium/VIP plan and may comes with an additional usage charge.

However, we are offering it for use at no extra cost during the beta testing phase. Please note that as a experimental feature, it may undergo adjustments in setup or pricing in the future, or even be temporarily suspended. Of course, we will inform you in advance of any such changes.

If you agree to these terms, feel free to explore this new feature and share with us any feedback you may have.

For multilingual stores, having a feature that can automatically translate customer reviews will be very useful.

With the feature "Review translation", all reviews displayed on the Review widget, All Reviews page, Featured Reviews widget, and Sidebar will be automatically translated to match the user’s selected language.

To automatically translate reviews, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Widgets -> Review widget -> Layout
  • Check Auto translate reviews -> Save
  • Visit your store's website, change the language, and see the corresponding translated reviews.


  • This feature is only available with the Premium/VIP plan.
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