Reply/ Edit/ Pin a review

Reply to the review

  • Go to Manage Reviews 
  • Use filter menu to choose the review you want to reply to
  • Click the reply icon
  • The reply will then be shown in the review widget on your product page.


After replying a review, an email notification is also sent to the reviewer so that they will immediately receive your response.

Edit a review

In order to ensure the transparency of the review according to Shopify's policy, the edit of the followings are prohibited:
    • Star ratings
    • Reviewer's name
exception cases:
    • Correcting grammatical errors and typos
    • Updating review content requested by reviewers
As a result, you are enable to edit a review with specific data field as below:
  • Go to Manage Reviews
  • Choose the review you want to edit.
  • Click edit review icon
  • The un-editable field will be grey out, you can only edit in the remaining data field. 

Pin a review

Pinning or featuring a review is great if you want your desired reviews to always stay at the top and be the first reviews your customers read.
To pin a review:
  • Go to Manage Reviews
  • Choose the reviews you want to pin and click the Pin icon


All pinned or featured reviews are displayed on the sidebar widget

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