Lower your product costs & decrease shipping time with Service Points

Last month Amazon Reviews and Service Points announced a groundbreaking partnership. As a result, Amazon Reviews clients will get the opportunity to onboard with Service Points free of charge from 10 orders a day.

Where does Service Points add value?

Service Points is an exclusive dropship fulfillment partner exclusively for experienced dropshippers. Amazon Reviews handpicked Service Points as a partner, as we believe they truly add value.

Service Points recently introduced a new approach to dropshipping called SMART Dropshipping. With this, experienced dropshippers will reach new heights through automations & a data driven approach. Through their revolutionary platform, Service Points combines cutting-edge software with the best suppliers China has to offer. Automation options and data-driven decision-making allow you to scale endlessly and effortlessly with an unparalleled level of service.

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Extra €44k of profit in 3 months - case study

Below, Devon shares how he managed to achieve an extra profit of €44,296 within 3 months by implementing SMART Dropshipping in his dropshipping business. He accomplished this without any extra effort or additional investment.

Step 1: Reducing Product Costs

When I joined Service Points in late July, I first requested new prices for all my best-selling products. These were 4 products totaling around 120 orders per day. Within 24 hours, various agents bid on my best sellers. Initially, I focused on agents with the lowest prices.

The products are still being sold and for confidentiality, I use aliases for the product names:

Old Agent Purchase Price Service Points Purchase Price
Product X €14.55 €13.20 = -9.3%
Product Y €18.20 €16.90 = -7.2%
Product Z €11.60 €10.80 = -6.9%
Product M €24.30 €21.20 = -12.8%

This means an average of 9.05% lower product costs and therefore additional profit. This allowed me to scale faster, resulting in increased revenue.

With an AOV of €42.50 and 120 orders per day on average in August of this year, my total revenue was €153,000. With the 9.05% savings, I now have €13,846 more profit for the next month!

Step 2: Start the automations

  • We implemented the automated emails in my business
  • We automated the entire fulfillment and after sales service for my business
  • Implemented the tracking code hack for payment processors
  • Set up the daily order checks to prevent disputes

Step 3: Provide supply chain data  insights

Mapping the average shipping time, processing time and dispute rate:

  • Shipping time: 8,9 days
  • Processing time: 4,6 days
  • Average dispute rate: 2,8%

Step 4: Plan in collaboration with my personal account manager

Goal: We then set a goal to reduce the total delivery time by at least 20% and the dispute rate by 30%.

My account manager then provided advice on how to improve these supply chain statistics, summarized briefly below:

  • Switch product X shipped to Germany to agent Eric for better shipping terms.
  • For fashion products (product Y & M), collaborate with agent Arnold for the best quality/price ratio.
  • Negotiate stock purchases for product Z with agent Leon to shorten processing time.

We discussed and implemented these action steps to achieve the set goals.

The mindblowing results

The results for the following period (06-09-2023 to 21-10-2023 with a total of 5358 orders) were remarkable:

  • Average processing time = 3.2 days = -43%
  • Average shipping time = 7 days = -27%
  • Average dispute rate = 1.7% = -65%

  • €2505 more in monthly profit due to 59 fewer disputes
  • €252 more monthly profit due to 21 fewer customer service hours at €12 per hour
  • Higher customer satisfaction, improving the page score from 3.4 to 3.6, leading to better-performing ads and increased profit potential

In conclusion, working with Service Points has allowed me to achieve the following in 3 months:

  • €41,539 in extra profit by smartly managing my procurement
  • €2,757 in additional monthly profit through supply chain optimizations
  • Foundation for a long term business due to Improved ad performance and higher customer satisfaction

If you want to increase profit in your dropshipping store, just like Devon did, without investing extra time or money, apply SMART Dropshipping.

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